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How do I charge the ball?

Put the ball on the charging base, aligning the charging symbol on the ball with the symbol on the base. As soon as the green light is on, the ball starts charging. An hour later, the green light will be switched off and the ball will be ready for you to use.

What does a blinking green light indicate?

If the light flashes on and off, all you have to do is move the ball around until the green light becomes stable.

How long does the battery charge last?

Fully charged your ball battery should last around 2 hours.

How long does it take to charge my smart ball?

Charging only takes an hour, so you won’t have to wait too long before you can finally get started! Maybe you could shorten the waiting time by exploring the Locker Room and the Inside Club in the bottom left-hand corner of the app?

When does the ball enter power save mode?

After 10 seconds not using the ball will enter the power save mode, to make your battery last longer. To wake him up again, just bounce the ball on the floor and you can continue.

How can I switch on my smart ball?

You can switch on your ball by bouncing it on the floor. Ready, set, go!

Where can I find a manual?

We provided a QR code on the box your ball came in. Simply place your device’s camera over the QR code. But don’t worry if you don’t have access to the box at the moment! We put a link right here for you: - MY PROFILE - SETTINGS - BALL-

Do I need WiFi to connect my ball to the app?

No, you don't need WiFi for connecting your ball to the app.

How do I connect my smart ball to the app?

First of all, please open the app. Now select ‘Tricks’ at the bottom and then tap the smart ball logo in the top right-hand corner.

My smart ball doesn’t connect to the app. How can I get help?

If your ball doesn’t connect to the app, you’re welcome to watch our video on how to do that: -link- In this video, we walk you through each step of connecting your ball to the app.

You can also try the following:

1) Check if the smart ball is charged by placing it on the charging base. A green light indicates that your ball still needs to charge.

2) Switch off WiFi on your device and then turn it back on again.

3) As soon as the ball is fully charged, tap the smart ball logo in the top righthand corner of the app and retry pairing.

If your smart ball is charged and your device’s WiFI is turned on but your smart ball still doesn’t connect to the app, our support team will be happy to assist you - we want to make sure you can get started as soon as possible!


My smart ball is defective. How can I get help?

If your product is defect, please contact

What can I do in the Locker Room?

Imagine the Locker Room like a virtual version of the locker rooms you are used to:

you can network with and chat to other people who also use the app. On there, you can find your personal social feed where you can like, share and comment on your friends’ and team mates’ posts.Tell everybody what you think of your friend’s most recent workout. Did they ace it? Celebrate with them! Celebration is what the Locker Room is for, no matter who in your community has reached the highest score, you’ll be able to pat them on the back. And if you’re feeling competitive and want to reach the highest score yourself, see the plans you´re enrolled in.

What’s the Inside Club all about?

The Inside Club enables you to connect with the world. You can follow your favourite clubs and players, have a look at their profiles and let them inspire you on our feed in the Locker Room. You can also connect with your friends and teammates and create a more personal social feed for yourself in the Locker Room. You´d like to create your own club? Go for it! You can do whatever you like in the IC. Just click on “Create Club'', choose a name and add the teammates you´d like to play with!

How do I use the Tricks Button?

The Tricks Button is the real deal! You want to show your teammate that you can kick harder than them?  Click on the ball and go for it!

Swiping left on your screen will start juggling mode. Make sure to keep the ball in the air as the app will count your juggles!

What can I do on the Pitch?

The Pitch is for all of you who want to improve your techniques and learn some new skills. At the coaching points, you will find detailed instructions on how to do them and what to focus on. These are short exercises for you to pick & mix so you can create your own workout routine or use them for your warm ups. You can work on all basic skills of ball mastery. As soon as you’ve mastered those, you can move on to more advanced techniques. Always remember: if you work hard, you’ll definitely see the results!

How can I participate in the Academy?

If you aspire to become a real football pro, the Academy is just right for you! Here you can learn all the ins and outs of top-notch football training techniques, inspired by your most beloved real-life pros and compiled by us. You can either choose to do an individual exercise or create a plan of long-term mixed exercises created by our coaches.

How can I change positions?

If you’re no longer happy with the position you selected in the beginning and want to change things up, just open your profile in the top-left corner. Now click on your avatar and select “My Details”. When you click on ‘Edit’, you will be able to change your position.

How can I change my language?

If you would like to change your language, simply tap on the settings button in the top right-hand corner in ‘My Profile.’ If you scroll down and select ‘Language,’ you can choose among several languages.

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

If you can’t remember your password, there’s no need to worry! Just tap on ‘Forgot Password’ below the ‘Log In’ button and enter your email address. When you open your emails, you will find our message containing a link to reset your password. Now you can choose a new password and you’re good to go again!

How can I change my password while I’m logged in?

In ‘My Profile,’ tap on the settings button and select ‘Change Password.’

How can I get in touch if I notice a technical issue?

Your feedback is really important to us, so please message us  whenever a technical issue keeps you from enjoying this app!

Where do I find the terms & conditions?

You can find all the important information in ‘My Profile - Settings - Privacy Policy / Terms of Use’.